Even Mourinho lost Pogba even home games

Even Mourinho lost Pogba even home games, 8 points behind, I am afraid to put the bus first, and then use counter-attack opportunities to create threats. So Guardiola both ways to break Manchester United's iron array Mario Lemieux Jersey, but also guard against the opponent's fast break. Fortunately, three consecutive 2-1 win over the blue Moon accumulated accumulation of confidence and experience broken bus Kris Letang Jersey, and then away to win over the Red Devils, then Manchester City is really overwhelming, never go away. League 13 consecutive victories and continue to lead the league second Manchester United 8 points, the team Champions League ahead of schedule in the first case of the case, midweek offensive miner's game Guardiola can be easily replaced, and then fully prepared for the derby with Manchester United . By then, David - Silva and Debra Nene is still the team's greatest source of creativity and victory to win. In this round of focus on the war, 10 Manchester United away 3-1 win over Arsenal, Lin Jiade scored twice Steve Downie Jersey, Valencia built power, Pogba dyed Manchester City 2-1 reversed West Ham, Otamendi break , David - Silva lore; Chelsea 3-1 beat Newcastle, Azal scored twice, Morata header re-built; Liverpool 5-1 Brighton, Fermino 2 ball , Library birds 1 ball 2 assists and create points; Tottenham 10 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur Craig Adams Jersey, South Korea star Sun Hing-kao break.

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